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The Eldermen are a music group of wise elder men whose music transcends the boundaries of traditional genres. They believe that music is a conduit for the divine order of things – a way to spread love, peace, and harmony, stage by stage and song by song. In addition to embodying light and consciousness, the Eldermen do so with an added layer of humor and light heartedness. Their music and live performances are never to be missed.


What the fans are saying...

"The Eldermen are something else. As far as the music… wow! It reminded me of a bit of John Martyn, the British folk singer blended with Tom Waits and Lou Reed. How cool is that?"

Loni Specter

"The Eldermen this evening were very entertaining with some cool songs! A combination of amazing talent, sexy, irreverent, entertaining, kind, funny, humble… Wow!"

– Andrea Alvarado

"The Eldermen delivered an absolutely fun show last night at The Guitar Merchant. Their songs fit into so many different genres, they are difficult to describe but each one gets the audience moving and singing along. Watch for these guys’ next gig – truly a unique treat."

– Judy Barret

"The Eldermen were really wonderful. Great songs with a passionate and soulful delivery. The audience loved it and so did I."

– Bob Conti

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