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Please, don't stop the press.

Hi all! I have exciting news to update you on. It's been a busy Spring so far!

Recently, I was featured in an article by The LAAMB Collective, an incredible website and resource for the arts and musicians. LAAMB stands for Licolnshire Arts and Music Bulletin – I've gone from New York 2 LA to New York 2 the UK!

Black and white photo of Pete Feenstra announcing songs on his radio show
Pete Feenstra, DJ of the Pete Feenstra Rock & Blues Show streaming on Get Ready to ROCK! Radio

In addition, my track "NY2LA'" is being aired on The Pete Feenstra Rock & Blues Show which streams on Get Ready to ROCK! I'm so grateful to have my music in the midst of so many artists and the ears of so many listeners around the globe. Thanks to Dave Larder for the support!

Stay tuned for more updates! Sending love and blessings to all. XOXO


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